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[TRANS] Message to overseas fans from SM Staff: 

(This is an announcement regarding tomorrow’s MCD recording, the following message is esp written for the international SONEs)

"Recently, the number of overseas fans participating in music broadcasts has increased.
Although we are always grateful to fans who come down to the live broadcast and give their support, 
to ensure that the all SNSD fans will not be disallowed into the hall just because of a number of fans who create disorders,
we hope that everyone can abide by the rules and regulations set down by the staffs of the broadcasting station or SM supports.

Also, regarding the action of entering waiting rooms at the stations secretly or shooting pictures and videos,
the number of people who are carrying out these prohibited actions has increased recently.
The broadcasting station and staffs are paying attention to the actions of all SONEs.
We hope that everyone can bear in mind that, each and every fan at the recording hall can become the entire SONE body.

In the situation that the above-mentioned incidents ever happen again, SNSD fans will face difficulties entering the hall in the future. Hence, we hope that everyone take special note of this.”

cr: girls’ generation official site || trans: @imwhywhy